Zen Aroma Nebuliser


This Zen Aroma Nebuliser is designed to bring you the ultimate aromatherapy experience, whether you're at home or on the go. Say hello to a new level of convenience and relaxation!

Here's why you'll love our Portable Essential Oil Nebuliser:

*Wireless and Waterless*: AKA portable and hassle-free.

*Perfect for Home and Car Owners*: Create a serene atmosphere at home or enjoy a refreshing drive with the power of aromatherapy at your fingertips.

*Seamless Elegance for Every Space*: Everywhere you go, Zen Aroma complements your lifestyle without compromising style.


Choose from 2 colours: Sleek Black and Pearl White.
- Comes with a Free 15ml essential oil of your choice.
- Fits 5ml, 10 ml and 15ml essential oils.
- Can only be used with 100% pure essential oils.

**when you receive your order, just place the entire 15ml bottle inside and use immediately! It’s that easy 😊



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